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older james potter x reader Pairings: James Potter x Reader. James Sirius Potter x Reader: Guessing. Almost Fading Remus Lupin x Reader Summary: An Order mission went wrong, leaving a soaked Sirius on the doorstep of the Lupin’s home, Remus clinging onto the world around him. Originally posted by e--s--t--r--a--n--g--e--d. Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader Word Count: 1288 Warning: Nah Summary: James takes a prank to far. James x fem!reader (1. Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x Reader Word Count: 900 Warning: Nah Summary: You and Sirius have a run-in while both at Hogwarts for the holidays (Non-house specific Reader). kinda hate it. thank you!! x. I was going to write this earlier, but I have been really busy and then got sick. com or text a copy to (941) 780-8463. Word Count: 1765 . "I swear it wasn't me. This is my first imagine on this blog, so I hope you like it. Old gems (2001-2010) Of course he wants to be good for him. ” “I’m sorry I feel like, this one shot will not be a love story im really sorry!!! Description: James realizes that he fancies the reader and then acts on it. james potter x reader young!james potter x reader james potter james x reader older!James potter x reader james potter imagine young james potter imagine james potter angst james potter au james potter fanfiction james potter fluff james potter fic james potter headcanon james potter hc james potter hcs the marauders marauders x reader . Lazy day. He ignored all the chances of talking made by his girlfriend, Lily Evans. request: Could you do a story where the marauders are alive were it’s a Harry x reader and they meet the reader and love her. Part 1. Part4 Part5 Disclaimer: I myself am not mute. Anyone who wants to be tagged, simply leave me a message. | James Potter. tysm if you do this. Genre: Angst. 8k. Lupin!reader . that’s all there is to it. “(Y/N)? You okay?” Narcissa’s voice snapped me out of my daze and I sent her a small smile, nodding. after quidditch. PAIRING: James Potter x Black!Reader. WARNINGS: Mild language. Warnings: Fred’s death, injury, sad reader and Weasleys. “It’s completely ridiculous. 6k i just wanted this out of my draft. Y / N Riess. bad. dirty tissues, trust issues pairing: james potter x reader warnings: a little bit of angst and an insecure reader. He was the brightest shade of sun she had ever seen. He was certain he had the best parents in the world, who gave him everything he could ever need and want in his . George Weasley x Reader: Cook. Harry Potter: Together - The war is won, now it’s time to figure out how to deal with it. All fairy tales were bound to end in destruction and this one was no exception. Summer Waters : James Sirius Potter x Reader Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien request : hi!! could you write something for jamessirius potter with number 13 from the summer prompts list? thank you!! xx James Potter x Reader. ” You say, picking up the Quidditch cape that was thrown on the ground by your boyfriend. James Potter x reader where it’s cold outside and James keeps putting his cold hands underneath reader’s shirt”. 2k), Sick of feeling like a third wheel, Harry decides to distract himself by Is Nott right? PRESCRIPTION LENSES- ****After placing your order, please send a copy via scan and email of RX and pupillary distance (PD) to status@eyeglass. The Weight of Guilt Part2 (James Potter X Mute! Reader)Part 1. Summary: James thought he was hung up on Lily, but when a Slytherin girl steps into his life he realizes something shocking. the marauders (Platonic! Remus x reader) James Potter . James Potter x Reader Background Knowledge: James Potter and Y/N Y/L/N are supposedly enemies but what the other doesn’t know is that they both have crushes on each other. Request: may i request an angsty james potter imagine with a happy ending? the plot is totally up to you. SIRIUS BLACK *silence | Potter!Reader x Sirius Black 1 2 *reuniting | Post-Azkaban!Sirius Black x Reader. Word Count: 1,6K. The only problem? You’re head over heels for him. Mcgonagall peered at him over her speckles. Train Rides: Young!James Potter x Reader *Smut* myself-and-the-marauders : A/N: Okay, so, this wasn’t suppose to go out until after ‘Wait For Me’ part two, but I’m like, physically and mentally not able to write that right now, and I don’t know why, so I just decided to finish this. - james has never once not gone 100% at quidditch. (young) James Potter x reader Everyone knew that James Potter was head over heels for Lily Evans, the muggle-born girl with beautiful green eyes and shiny red hair. Now, it was time to catch . Word Count: 760 (Y/H/T)- your hair type (Y/H/C)- your hair color James Potter was confused. James potter x reader . Pairing: Harry Potter x fem!reader Warnings: mentions of blood, fire and death Request by @lm4gxne I did have a great time trying to type your blog name @lm4gxne , it was only after 2 days I. a/n; nope. James Potter x reader. All or Nothing (Reader x James Potter) Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders era) Pairing: Reader x James Potter. So to say that everyone was surprised when his interest was suddenly moved to you would be an understatement. This is for the anon who requested a James x Ravenclaw reader. He . James Potter Headcanons James with a s/o who has anxiety James on fire whiskey NSFW Showering with James . Y/L/N = your last name. James Sirius Potter X Reader - Perfect for You. 5k. Y/F/I = your first initial *Note: they are 16* “Tellmetellmetellme-” James smirks at them. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)'s life had gone downhill ever since she graduated Hogwarts. . Summary: The after effects of bad decisions are coming back to bit Regulus and James in the ass. Request: @theleziestwriterofthiscentury: Oh hiiiiiii darling!I saw an answer where you said that you would do an imagine with james if someone request so here i am! Tears of Gold - James Potter x Reader. Harry Potter x Reader: Amnesia part 2. 3 James Potter james potter fanfiction james potter imagine james potter x reader james potter blurbs Harry Potter harry potter fanfiction courts blurbs courts 5k blurb week blurbs requested 39 notes Dec 30th, 2020 firewhiskey appreciation day — james potter “pairing: james potter x female!reader” “prompt: “you look yummy. the marauders (Platonic! James x reader) Next Generation Era . Usually, he would be the loudest between the two when talking, but today he was just. I hate you pt. Old Friends (Female! Reader) Remus Lupin . You managed a strained smile. a/n: reader wears a dress, but the pronouns remain gender neutral :) warnings: swearing. my first work on this account! thank you so much to everyone who has requested! feedback would be much appreciated. Credits to their original owners. Tagged: #James Potter #Sirius Black #Remus Lupin #peter pettigrew #fancasts #aaron taylor-johnson #ben barnes #andrew garfield #hogwarts #marauders #black lake #suicide #sad #depressing #death #map #express #school of witchcraft and wizardry #wizards #Gryffindor #slytherin #ravenclaw #hufflepuff #bullys #common rooms #best friends #x reader # . song: shallow from a star is born. Warnings: ANGST but also cute ending yay. James Sirius Potter x Reader: Guessing part 2. com/story/277160222?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=teen_antisocial. Words: 1746. Against the Odds [James Potter x reader] Prompt: College AU Jocks are disgusting. his #1 best friend - james f. pairing: james potter x reader summary: remus and sirius observe the beginning of a sweet romance, and a humorous opening number kickstarts a tradition that will never fade song: can you feel the. need i say more? word count: 1. Never | James Potter x (Fem)reader “(Fem)reader x James Potter ” “Warning: NOT A LOVE STORY, happy ending. Anon you are so polite how could I say no :) Word Count . This didn’t happen very often, he was smarter than people gave him credit for. cause I really like you… (harry potter x reader) pairing: harry potter x reader. James Potter. wattpad. The rest is how I wished the night went. JAMES POTTER. hope you enjoy. Take care of yourself my love. Request: 1. but he also misses when he was just a boy. Tagged: #harry potter #the marauders #marauders #imagines #preference #one shot #ships #shipping #james potter #aaron taylor johnson #fancast #sirius black #ben barnes #andrew garfield #remus lupin #x reader #reader insert #request #anon #open #hogwarts #fluff #angst #fandoms #fanfics #fiction #masterlist #taglist #tags #marvel Wrong Idea — James Potter x reader. 2k), Sick of feeling like a third wheel, Harry decides to distract himself by Is Nott right? A Touch in The Dark - James Potter x Reader. Yandere Older Sirius x potter fatherlookalike reader. I suggest you listen to their well-written song before reading this because it is truly heart-touching, The lyrics are highlighted in bold italics for easier reference . Pairings: Regulus Black x James Potter x Reader . Things Change | James Potter x reader to Remus Lupin x reader. Y/M/N = your middle name. Weasley!reader. My English. he knows it, lily loves a mature man. the end comes soon (2/2) : james sirius potter x reader Originally posted by thefalloutkid request: Could you please do a part 2 for The End comes soon where the reader realizies that she likes James Sirius and after a quidditch practice, he’s the only one left and she just goes up to him and kisses him like the end of to all the boys i’ve . But things change. warnings: none. Wrong Idea — James Potter x reader. “You old hag!” You yelled at the white haired man, emotions taking over your body “HES MY GODSON” . Bundle: Salve!, 2nd + Student Activity Manual + SAM Audio CD ROMs Carla Larese Riga, Authentic Spirituality: The Direct Path To Consciousness Richard N. Pairing: James Potter x Reader. if not that’s ok. alohomagines:. word count: 2. Rebound pairing(s); james potter x reader // james potter x lily evans warning(s); nope. James had cheated on me with Lily Evans, who was supposed to be my friend. James walked around in the halls of Hogwarts, hands in his robe's pocket, eyes downcast onto the floor. Friend Zoned : James Potter x Reader Originally posted by marauderserakindoflife Request : heblo! i would like 2 request an imagine where james pottur is being a sad boi– like mood drops? and mc is his best friend, and is confused on why james is becoming distant & immediately assumes its becuz of something to do with their friendship or . Summary: Remus informs you, also a professor at Hogwarts now, the night he sees Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s map and invites you to follow. The wizard felt nothing but relief at the fact that two of his friends had stood by with him. Paring: James potter x reader, harry potter x mother!reader (no voldy au) Word count: 1. "Okay, maybe part of it was me, but I didn't do it all. Potter, Medical Admonitions Addressed To Families, Respecting The Practice Of Domestic Medicine, And The Preservation Of Health With Directions For The . Genre: Fluff? Author’s Note: Malum means evil in Latin btw. a careless boy who only loves fun and laugh; and it also only happens when he was . Read Harry x Older Sister Figure!Reader from the story Harry Potter Preferences by History_Nerd21 with 2,075 reads. #james potter imagine #james potter x reader #James . also, i didn’t proofread. " James said vehemently. dirty tissues, trust issues Things Change | James Potter x reader to Remus Lupin x reader. potter x fem!reader (part 1)summary: james convinces you to fake date him in an attempt to make lily jealous. They find out they are not having one, but two babies. ***** Harry Potter - Older!Sirius Black x fem!Reader. - the second he finds you he wraps his arms around you. This is the list of all my old fics that I really wanted to delete, but I decided to keep them up for the people who like them. The truth was, they had a massive crush on him for years, and Marlene let slip that they had . masterlist. - so naturally, your first instinct is not to wrap him up in a big hug. ” “It’s a concussion. Summary: It’s summertime, and James wants you to teach him how to play guitar so he can impress a girl. Word Count: 1. pairing: james potter x reader. That being said he wasn’t used to that particular feeling, especially when he couldn’t brush it off like he could do with most things. x. George Weasley x Reader: Cook part 2. Also, this came out differently from what I had initially planned it to be, but I hope you enjoy this nonetheless. It turned out more angsty than I had originally intended, but this is only part one. Parkinson In Two Vs The Third Ed V 2 Of 2 James Parkinson, Spider Bones: A Novel (A . Could you write a James Potter x Reader where he breaks his leg in a quidditch game and has to wait over night the hospital wing for it to heal, so the reader goes down to the kitchens and bakes him Christmas cookies to cheer him up, then they just hang out in the hospital wing together, eating the cookies until curfew. He grinned, chugged his drink, then outstretched his hand, “C’mon love, you look like you could use a drink. - practice or game. Warnings: fluff, kissing. She loses James, Lily, Peter, and Sirius, her best friends. - and, sadly, he smells. Word Count: 3198. AN: the break-up is something I actually went through, it’s how I found out. Y/N = your name. Just Go x James Potter. cherry flavored (James Potter x reader) “summary: James’ neighbor is a total babe THIS IS AN AU genre: idek…pretty fluffy tbh word count: 1. ” & “my hand was made to fit into yours. . enjoy! Trigger Warning: mild swearing !! James Potter x Slytherin! Reader. It was the Yule Ball. james gives a smile–more like a forced grimace–towards her. If anything that I have written isn’t correct or if I haven’t used the correct. Reader, James Potter x Lily Potter, Lucius Malfoy x Narcissa Malfoy, (mentioned) Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley, (mentioned) Sirius Black x Remus Lupin THIS IS A NO VOLDEMORT AU! EVERYONE IS ALIVE! Potter!reader. Surprise! James Potter x Reader. “No, James. Originally posted by whenrockwasyoung19 ***not my gif*** Summary: You have a big crush on James Potter but have to live with the ‘fact’ that James is smitten with your best friend, Lily. ~~~Third Person POV~~~ prettysatan said: Hello! May I request James Potter x reader where they both like each other but the other doesn’t know? Just a bunch of mutual pining Answer: Hi! I’m so sorry this took so long. Hi! …lovely @moonshoespotterr wrote for us (and @sunnyeclipses ): It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Home (T, 7. The Book of James Sirius Potter. Against the Odds - Part 3 [James Potter x reader] Prompt: College AU Jocks are disgusting. Plot: Reader, an eighteen year old muggleborn Gryffindor is pregnant, with James Potter as the father. The library was silent for the most part, but the majority of people could very easily hear James Potter delivering cheesy pick-up lines to you, a fellow Gryffindor. However, during half term break, Reader invites James to a ultrasound scan. I've been a huge fan of Harry Potter ever since I was three, I definitely need to write more HP based things because I'm a huge Potterhead :P If you enjoy this, favourite and leave a comment, and if you love my writing then please feel free to follow me on social media or even support me on Patreon. The very first thing you woke up to was the morning sunshine, bright and warm as it danced across your skin. word count: 2,080 words summary:. Requested by Anonymous. - but oh boy is it his. James Potter: Marry Me - Songfic, based on Marry Me by Thomas Rhett . request: Hi, could you please write James x reader where reader is the best friend of Lily, although they’re kind of different since reader doesn’t stand out compared to Lily and she’s quiet and keeps a low profile mostly, so she’s usually cast into the shadows while Lily’s popular and liked by many, especially James, whom reader is secretly in love with. Prompt: Hii, i’d like to request a remus x reader where he gets very (like, VERY) hurt on an order mission, and sirius like brings him to him and the readers shared apartment or something, and they have to make sure . Meant - James Potter x Reader (Lily Evans x Reader) Request: Hey!Can you write an imagine in which the marauders help one of them (it’s your choice who) to get a date with the reader and she thinks that they are just making fun, until she realise what’s going on and a lil shook because they’re so blind; she tells them “dude, i’m gay” and they are all like “oh now is obvious” All or Nothing (Reader x James Potter) Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders era) Pairing: Reader x James Potter. For an explanation for this change, see here. Date: 9. Remus, being in fairly close proximity, had the joy of seeing Lily Evans stifle a laugh at a nearby shelf, evidently cringing at the Gryffindor’s supposedly romantic words. Slight mention of Ra. Part 3. summary: you get the chance to show off your voice to an audience, realising that the stage is a place you’d like to become familiar with. it’s surprising, really. Double Trouble. series masterlist. There was a lot of things James Potter was certain of in his lifetime. Reader Insert Self Insert James Potter Lily Evans The Golden Trio Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Remus Lupin X Reader Y N. Stolen Kisses - James Potter x Reader. @fashionlive15 asked for a James Potter x reader based off the song Consequences by Camila Cabello. ”. 2k words) Warnings; talk of body insecurities! Please don’t read if you think that could trigger you. firewhiskey appreciation day — james potter “pairing: james potter x female!reader” “prompt: “you look yummy. James Potter is in the future just long enough to ruin his son's life. MASTERLIST Word Count ~ 4. A/N: Hi fantasists! This is a short story Celeste has been working on based on a song titled ‘ilym’ which was written and sung by John K and ROSIE. 5k “join my taglist. Or so you thought. 2019. 2k Warnings: Gifs/ pics aren’t mine. she makes him become more mature, become a grown up man. Summary: Harry asks why his dad never told him about your time at Hogwarts, little did he know it was because of how much trouble you two got in. also a few curses, but that’s the norm for me. 30. Too good looking, too aware of it, too drunk and too dumb. book: https://www. Warnings; angst (?), sad James . Request: @theleziestwriterofthiscentury: Oh hiiiiiii darling!I saw an answer where you said that you would do an imagine with james if someone request so here i am! Pairings: James Potter x reader, (minor)Wolfstar. ” Y/N sighs. She’s Perfect - In which the twin of Remus Lupin falls in love with one of her best friends, who seems to be in love with someone else. Before you knew it, James Potter was pulling you along. ” Groaned James Potter. Warnings: Swearing, fluff, DIALOGUE HEAVY, lowkey bad oops. Word Count: 3k. Author’s Note: this is for @weasleysflowr’s 300 follower challenge and i chose two angst prompts because who doesn’t love a good angst? flashbacks are italicised. hogwarts, fred, remus. I was supposed to be dancing with James Potter. 1 k. Protector (James Potter) Anon : an imagine with james x plus sized!reader? maybe him comforting her/assuring her that he thinks shes pretty and tells her the things he likes about her? sorry this is kind of vague/dumb im just desperate for some james x reader fluff haha. A/N: ah yes… angst :) I love her. It’s my birthday on Wednesday so I was wondering if I could get a story where the reader is best friends with Remus and Lily and so they team up (with the other marauders too) and throw her a surprise party? the end comes soon (2/2) : james sirius potter x reader Originally posted by thefalloutkid request: Could you please do a part 2 for The End comes soon where the reader realizies that she likes James Sirius and after a quidditch practice, he’s the only one left and she just goes up to him and kisses him like the end of to all the boys i’ve . " She continued to stare him down. During Christmas break is when Reader finds out. 2 pt. James Potter x Best Friend! Reader . silent. Teddy Lupin x Reader: Tsundere. A/n: This is for @marvelcapsicle ‘s. Rating: Mature _____ The next morning you stood in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on your cup of tea when Regulus and James stepped into the kitchen looking like naughty children. the most powerful couple in the whole school, james potter. james potter x sixth year!male!reader // caught. And it was strange. quite a lot of touching and kissing, very brief sexual talk at the very end Tears of Gold - James Potter x Reader. ” from this prompt. "Okay so maybe it was my plan. If you want to see my masterlist of the fics that I have written recently and that a lot better/longer than these, you can check it out here. Yandere Oliver wood x requested Oc. I will write part two as soon as possible. oops. Word Count: 2. lily is a lovely girl, no wonder he falls in love with her. SUMMARY: James likes the idea of certainty, so the universe decides to play a cruel joke on him. Pairing- James Potter x Reader Warnings- not really kinda touchy also its short I ran out of ideas “I can’t believe this. July, 1979. Yandere Professor Snape x studentreader Part 1. It was Christmas at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and most of all the students had gone home a few days prior for the holidays. The Book of James Sirius Potter Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. She was denied custody of Harry. It had been long, torturous years since Sirius Black had been wrongfully accused of murdering his friends. request; nope. Pairing: Fred x fem!reader, George x fem!reader(platonic) Requested: can you do another sad imagine where the reader is dating fred and she finds out he dead at the battle and george comforts her. - so, needless to say, when he gets back he is sweaty. wizardwritings:. (Non-house specific Reader) You had tried to find the motivation to start the essay again, but you knew it would take hours, the library closing in just under an hour. Pairings: James Potter x reader, (minor)Wolfstar. “And you’re James Potter. “m’sore”. Warnings: None, it’s basically pure fluff. James Potter x Fem!Reader. James Sirius Potter x Reader: Sound of Silence. Harry Potter X Reader: Animagus (One-Shot!) A/N: This is a part of the Harry Potter Universe. Summary: Waking up James makes it awfully hard to want to do anything other than just that. But the reader is very sassy and ALWAYS roasts Harry when he’s being the awkward little shit that he is so they are a bit taken aback. older james potter x reader

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